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The following statement was written by Harold Hempstead, the 'Caged Crusader' of Florida, from a prison in Tennessee on 2nd April, 2017 and first published today on his blog - 

Question:  Was there any evidence of intent to harm Darren Rainey?

Dade County State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle says “No.”

What does the evidence show?
1)  Several inmates said the water in the shower Rainey was murdered in got very, very hot.  Some said the water temperature in the shower exceeded 180°.  Several inmates said Dade C.I. staff placed inmates in the shower as punishment, and staff use to turn the water on full hot with no cold while the inmates were in it.  Several inmates also said they were placed in the shower as punishment.  This was the same shower Rainey was killed in.

2)  The Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) has a procedure called ‘Forced Hygiene Compliance Procedure.’  If Rainey wiped feces on himself and was refusing to shower, Dade C.I. staff were required to follow this procedure.  They didn’t follow this procedure because their intent was to harm Rainey and not to help him, because he was being a headache to them.  This procedure required them to get approval from the Duty Warden and Psychiatrist before placing Rainey in the shower, staff would’ve had to use a hand-held video camera to record all their actions and Rainey’s actions while doing Forced Hygiene Compliance and the Duty Warden and a nurse would’ve had to been present through the whole process.  These things would’ve prevented Dade C.I. staff from placing Rainey in the shower they placed him in to punish him and that eventually killed him.

3)  Rainey wasn’t placed in any of the 6 operating showers in Wing J1 where he was housed.  He was placed in a shower in another wing that he wasn’t housed in, on a night inmates in the TCU weren’t supposed to be in any showers.  He was placed in the only operating shower in the TCU that was in a blind-spot, that mounted security cameras in Wing J3 couldn’t view.

4)  Dade C.I. staff who tested the water in the shower Rainey was killed in said the water temperature exceed 180° which was approximately 55 to 60° hotter than what FDC’s Environmental Health and Safety Manual mandated it could be.  There was no lawful or logical reason for the water temperature in the shower Rainey was murdered in to be so hot.  The only possible reason it was so hot was to punish mentally disabled inmates that refused to follow staffs’ orders.

5)  Rainey was unsupervised and in the shower for approximately 2 hours as a form of punishment.

6)  If staff were trying to shower Rainey, how come they placed him in the only shower in the TCU that he could avoid the water in?  Rainey wouldn’t have been able to avoid the water in any of the ten other working showers in the TCU.  The obvious and only possible reason Rainey was placed in the only shower in the TCU that he could avoid the water in was because he wasn’t placed in that shower to shower.  Rainey was placed in that shower as punishment and that is why he was placed in the only shower in the TCU that reached temperatures in excess of 180°. 

7)  Officer Roland Clarke or any of the other Dade C.I. staff didn’t take Rainey out of the shower even though he continued to yell and kick the shower door asking to get out (because of how hot it was in the shower.)  If they weren’t trying to harm him they would’ve took him out of the shower when he was pleading to get out of the shower.

8)  In the state’s own report that I have, Dade C.I. staff and medical staff that were working on the night Rainey was murdered said his skin was burned.

9)  Dade C.I. Captain Dixon who tested the water temperature in the shower (according to the State Attorney) said the water was tested at 160 degrees.

How many times have the people of America heard obvious lies and twisting of facts by those who don’t want to prosecute when a black man is killed by a law enforcement official?  It is a sad thing that Dade State Attorney Ms Rundle has chose to not uphold justice but instead let Rainey’s killer (Roland Clarke) go free.

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