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Origin Of Shower Treatment Dade C I Auschwitz Florida USA

Note - the following article, by Harold Hempstead, refers to Dade prison in Florida USA in Tweny Twelve - NOT the infamous nazi death-camp of the Nineteen Forties.  The fact that new arrivals to the Transitional 'Care' Unit of this Florida prison, where inmates were starved, tortured, and killed, were greeted by guards with the words 'welcome to Auschwitz' is purely coincidental.  
Jeremy Schanche, Editor.

Darren Rainey is led to his Death, FDC.
''Inmate Daniel Geiger was a severely mentally disabled inmate whose mental condition caused him to almost constantly make noise 24 hours a day.  A lot of inmates in the TCU didn’t like to be housed in cells near him because as loud as he was, it made it very hard for people in cells close to him to sleep.  The foregoing is what caused Dade C.I. TCU day-shift security staff to place Geiger in cells next to inmates they didn’t like and they were trying to get to sign out of the TCU.  Sleep deprivation caused most of the inmates in cells next to Geiger to ask to sign out of the TCU.

In the beginning of 2012, inmates MD and SL were housed in Wing J3.  Day shift security staff didn’t like them because they were very verbal and filed grievances on things they didn’t like.  Geiger was moved from Wing J1 to Wing J3 first as a tool to try to get MD to sign out of the TCU and then he was used to try and get SL to sign out.

When Geiger was placed in Wing J3, it immediately upset, to some degree or another, all the inmates housed in Wing J3.  It was a small wing and Geiger’s loudness could be heard easily through the whole wing.

In 2012 the officer who killed Darren Rainey was assigned as the wing officer for Wing J3.  Rainey’s killer use to talk to inmate KS who was housed in Wing J3 a lot.  KS wasn’t mentally disabled.  He manipulated his way into the TCU running from a disciplinary report he got at Columbia C.I.  Every shift that Rainey’s killer worked, he spent an hour or more discussing sports and rap music related issues with KS in front of KS’s cell.  The officer who killed Rainey worked on night shift.

When Geiger got placed in Wing J3, KS started telling the officer that killed Rainey, “if you take Geiger, place him in that shower upstairs and turn it on full hot, I’ll bet you he’ll stop yelling and making all that noise.”  After a few days of KS telling Rainey’s killer the foregoing, the officer tried it and it worked.  Within several minutes of Geiger being put in the shower he stopped yelling.

When the officer who killed Rainey seen that the shower treatment got Geiger to comply and listen to him, he realized he had a tool to get the most mentally disabled inmates in the TCU to comply with his orders.

Over the next several months that officer continued to use that shower as a torturing device to punish mentally disabled inmates that refused to comply with his orders.  Several inmates were placed in that shower. 

The fifth inmate that I witnessed be placed in that shower was Darren Rainey, who was killed in it.

The state and federal government have known the foregoing for years now.
Several months ago Daniel Geiger somehow died in the Transitional Care Unit (TCU) at Lake C.I. in the Florida Department of Corrections (FDC.)

Do mentally disabled peoples’ lives matter?  According to our history they don’t.  A lot of people in this World don’t care about them.  When are we going to start treating the mentally disabled like humans?  Do you think it’s right to abuse the mentally disabled?  Do you think the mentally disabled should be treated like humans?

Please share this blog with your friends and anybody you think can help us with getting justice for the mentally disabled who were abused, tortured and killed in the Dade C.I. TCU and for the murder of Darren Rainey.  Please sign our petition on entitled THE LIFE OF BLACK,MENTALLY DISABLED MUSLIM PRISONER DARREN RAINEY DOES MATTER

Caged Crusader''

'Miami Harold' Hempstead

Daniel Geiger

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