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State Agents Witnessed Slippage Heat Damage Darren Rainey Shower Murder

The following is a copy of what Harold Hempstead has just asked me to post to his blog:
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The information was dated 2nd April, 2017, received by me on 8th April and published the following day.

Here are some of the many important facts that appear in the Dade County State Attorney’s 3/17/17 inter-office memorandum stating they’re not going to prosecute anybody for murdering Darren Rainey:

Pg.9:  Ofc.s Clarke and Thompson, Nurse Patino and Lt. Lopez (Miami Dade Fire Rescue) all said that Rainey’s body had red areas and skin slippage or coming off and some further advised that, in their opinion, he had possibly sustained burns while in the shower.

Pg.18  Dade C.I. Nurse Patino said when the shower was off the night Rainey was murdered, steam was in the shower, Rainey’s skin was peeling off and his body felt hot.

Pg.19  Dade C.I. Nurse Robinson said that she went to the shower when Darren Rainey was dead in it and the shower room felt warm and steamy.  She also said Rainey had skin slippage.

Pg.20  Dade C.I. Nurse Wilson said that she seen Rainey’s body directly after he was killed and it appeared red and wrinkled.  She told the 911 operator on the night Rainey was murdered that Rainey’s body appeared to be burned.  Nurse Wilson noticed skin slippage on Rainey also.

Pg.21  Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Lieutenant Alexander Lopez who seen Rainey’s body on the night he was killed said he appeared to have burns and skin slippage on certain parts of his body.

Pg.49  Dade C.I. Dixon stated she tested the water temperature in the shower Darren Rainey was killed in 2 days after Rainey was killed and the thermometer read 160°F.

According to the Dade County State Attorney’s memorandum, the officer who placed Rainey in the shower (and Ofc.Thompson) on the night Rainey was killed said Rainey’s skin was slipping off, he had red areas on his body, and he possibly sustained burns.  Why would they say this unless they knew the water Rainey was in was very hot?  If any staff tested the water before putting Rainey in it there would’ve been no reason to think Rainey’s body was burned.  The only logical reason why Ofc.s Clarke and Thompson said Rainey’s body appeared to be burned was because they just had Rainey in a very hot shower for a long time and they knew that’s what made his skin look burned.

Other than what these 2 officers said, nurses Patino, Robinson, Wilson who all seen Rainey’s body on the night he was killed said his body appeared to be burned, his skin was slipping off him, his skin was red and wrinkled, his body felt hot, and steam was in the shower he was killed in.  These 3 nurses are trained medical providers that have specialized training and experience with the human body.  They all seen Rainey’s body directly after he was killed.  Did they all lie about what they seen?  Of course not.  They told the truth.

The same applies to Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Lieutenant Lopez who seen Rainey’s body on the night he was killed.  He said Rainey appeared to have burns and skin slippage on certain parts of his body.  Did he lie?  Of course not.  He told the truth. 

Why was Rainey’s skin in the condition these state officials said it was in on the night Rainey was killed?  Dade C.I. Captain Dixon tells us why:  Because the shower water in the shower Rainey was killed in was tested at 160°F.

Did I or somebody else convince these state officials named herein to make these statements?  Of course not.  The state doesn’t try to twist these state officials’ statements and say somebody manipulated them to make these statements (like they did with the inmate witnesses.)  Instead the state uses the Dade County Medical Examiners statement to try and refute these state officials’ statements.  In other words, to say they were mistaken.  Were these 2 Officers, 3 Nurses, and Fire Rescue Lieutenant all wrong about what they seen or were they all right?  I believe it is only logical to say they were all right.  I believe that the reason why it took so long for the Medical Examiner to come back with her far-fetched findings was because she had to search long and hard to refute what these state officials seen and what Darren Rainey’s body proved.  These state officials gave stronger statements than what I did about Rainey dying in a hot torturing-devise shower. 

There is corruption in this case at the highest level. Why?  Because Dade County doesn’t want to spend the money it’d cost to prosecute Rainey’s killers.  Rainey wasn’t worth that amount of money to them.  Why wasn’t he?  Because he was a poor, black, mentally disabled Muslim prisoner and Black Lives Don’t Matter In Dade County.

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