Tuesday, 22 September 2015

John Pollard's Corrupt Cornwall Council

Boss of Konsel Kernow questioned over legality of Treloyhan Wildlife Corridor planning permission - Latest -   The application to build luxury-housing on a designated wildlife corridor was based on false information - the planning   officer Roger Harding, who approved the application, would not affirm its legality and neither would the council's lawyer!  With the High Court Hearing getting close, the corrupt officials are hunkering down in their bunkers, waiting and hoping for the lens of public scrutiny to go away...  Due to the disappointing reaction of councilor Harding and council-lawyer Ben Curnow, The Limpet decided to take it to the top and ask the big boss to give the public a guarantee that proper procedure had been followed.  

No such assurance has been received.

On Friday, 4 September 2015, 10:46 Jeremy Schanche wrote:
Open message to Mr John Pollard, Boss of Konsel Kernow
C.C.:  The Cornishman Newspaper

Dear Mr Pollard,
Re:   Responsibility to the People of Kernow
I  wrote to you in early June concerning the questionable legality of the Treloyhan Wildlife Corridor planning application.  I had no response whatsoever from you.
To repeat my query:  I wanted to know whether you, as boss of Cornwall Council, would affirm to the people of Cornwall that the planning process for Treloyhan woods has been conducted in accordance with law.  Since Roger Harding, Chairman of Planning, will not take such an oath, and neither will Ben Curnow, 'our' Council's legal representative; presumably the responsibility devolves upon yourself as leader.  
Do you think the council leader should be able to affirm that his council has acted lawfully?  I do.
If you will not swear that the law has been upheld, will you: 
(A) start an immediate investigation into corruption in Cornwall Council?  or
(B)  Resign?
Cornwall looks forward to your response.
With best wishes, Jeremy Schanche

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