Tuesday, 19 October 2010


Hi Friends – Our first film shows our beautiful land of Cornwall – a beach a few miles from Penzance. This website was created to save a small beach on the seafront of Penzance. At our Battery Rocks beach area, you may be lucky and sea seals like these just a few feet from the shore, that is, if you actually GO to the place and reestablish your connection with Mother Nature.

Godrevy haulout:

Purple Sandpipers have been using Battery Rocks as a nesting site since time immemorial. It is one of a relatively small number of such roosts in the West of Britain. Their presence attracts Human visitors, namely birdwatchers, who also contribute to the economy of Penzance.

Purple Sandpiper feeding - these birds migrate between Arctic Norway and temperate Kernow.

Whilst Cornish seas are rich in Jellyfish - (Ker: Morgowles) we have not yet found any to compete in size with these fellas...

Stigiomedusa Giganteum

Echizen Kurage:

Back to the Mamallian Kingdom...

Cuttles are found in abundance on the Ranvor seabed, off Battery Rocks.

Intertidal rockpools - a mikrokosmos of beauty and biodiversity. Also a source of great fascination to small children.

The Gorgon - these come in green and purple varieties. Colonies of them can be found on the part of Battery Rocks and Sandy Cove that is scheduled for destruction.

Kelp forest - these proliferate around the globe, offering a home to myriad creatures.

Prince Charles, The Duke of Cornwall, speaks on Nature.

Pouring concrete: Dominant primates manipulate Original Nature.

Ripping into the sea-bed, Brazil. If you do not wish to see this happen to Penzance, come to the Public Meeting, St.John's Hall, Penzance, Friday 22nd October 2010, at 7.30pm, hosted by The Friends of Penzance Harbour. In attendance will be Andrew George, Member of Britain's Westminster Parliament and Jan Rhurmund, Mayor of Penzance, who both advocate protection of this unique natural habitat. Please tell your friends about this meeting and arrive early as places will be limited to about 500.

That's All Folks.......!

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