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Hi! Let's have a look at Halcrow, the multi-national nuclear corporation that the "Route Partners" have already paid hundreds of thousands of pounds of our tax money, for their 'consultation' over Penzance Harbour - take a look at their sensitive sea-side architecture below:

Bears an uncanny resemblance to the proposed 'passenger terminal' on Sandy Cove, don't ya think?
This material is all direct from Halcrow's own website. Note: When I personally approached representatives of the Halcrow corporation in January 2009 for face to face discussion on the topic of the environmental damage to the natural habitat of Penzance sea-front, they were prepared to talk to me, but only on condition that it was 'off the record' - when I asked them for a recorded interview for publication they backed off from the challenge and failed to engage...

“Our projects
Similar projects
• Dounreay - ventilation project , Scotland
• Dounreay shaft , Scotland
• Dounreay - fast reactor, Scotland
• Hartlepool and Heysham nuclear power stations, England
• Nuclear
Halcrow has considerable experience in the provision of services to the nuclear industry; to support the development of operational facilities, decommissioning and new build, for both civilian and military facilities.”

Check out the aesthetics of Halcrow's hydraulic isolation of shaft 1225D at Dounreay Nuclear Dump on a nice local bit of beach...

Heysham A dropped loads assessment

Halcrow was commissioned by British Energy to undertake an assessment to identify floors of the Heysham A nuclear power station that can provide protection against dropped loads hazards.


Halcrow are the contractors that Cornwall Council selected as appropriate for Option A - the destruction of a section of Battery Rocks, a section of beach - Sandy Cove and a section of the sea-bed - the Ranvor; in Penzance, Cornwall. The multi-national Company BIRSE has also been chosen to work on the Option A proposal. Birse can also be found as key members of the self-styled 'True Friends of Penzance'... See blog publication from 15.10.10... SAWYA PEN SANS...

Dull in comparison to the nuclear boys, but they do claim their pre-cast concrete is rot, fungus and rodent-proof, so at least that's something.... These are the 'Bissoe contingent' that Mr Dick Cliff-Jumper referred to in his recent communique - the stout 'yeomen' of the True Friends.....
The nuclear connection of the Route Partnership has been publicized in The Limpet since issue No.2, October 2008 - follow link:

Evidence on the Northcliffe Group, owner of The Cornishman and the Daily Mail; Articles on Lord Northcliffe, owner of the Daily Mail, personal friend and supporter of hitler and mussolini:

RESIST CARDIAC ARREST: A Direct Current of Resistance to Electro-Coercion:

Sawya Pen Sans!

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