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Concerning the torturer, the killer, the cop. Officer Roland Clarke of Miami Gardens Police Department examined.

Officer Roland Clarke

That Roland Clarke should get away with murder, torture, poisoning, battery and other grave abuses of the civil and human rights of his charges is deeply disturbing and casts a dark shadow over Florida’s already troubled justice-system.
That he should find employment as a policeman after leaving the prison-service is a mockery of justice and should be a matter of deep concern to the people of Miami Gardens, whose streets he is currently patrolling.
For the first six months of 2012, Roland Clarke was working as a prison-guard at Florida’s deadliest prison, Dade Correctional Institute.  Dade is one of the prisons that features a “mental hospital” within its walls, this is known as the Transitional Care Unit.  It was here that inmate-orderly Harold Hempstead witnessed mentally-disturbed inmates being starved to death by denial of meals, as well as numerous other violations of the inmates’ civil rights.  In January 2012 Clarke started using a specially-adapted shower to torture inmates into subjugated compliance.  These inmate-patients were very deeply disturbed people, many of whom had committed extremely serious offences including murder.  They were housed in solitary cells and subjected to harrowing conditions, some of them were “troublesome” for the guards, particularly the more noisy ones who would not stop shouting and disturbing the other inmates and staff.  After initially testing the shower-torture on a schizophrenic named Daniel Geiger and finding it induced compliance, Roland Clarke and other staff continued using the shower on various other prisoners.
On 23rd June, 2012, the black, Muslim inmate Darren Rainey was placed in the torture-shower by Roland Clarke after a dispute which resulted in Darren Rainey’s Koran being destroyed by prison-guards.   After over one and a half hours in the shower Darren Rainey, # 060954, was found dead with much of his skin detached from his body.  The white, Christian prisoner, Harold Hempstead was in a cell just below the shower and witnessed the events.  He has written a book about all this, called “Department of Corruption.  Darren Rainey.  The Untold Story.”  and also has a website with a vast body of evidence on it concerning the Rainey-case and related matters. 
Five years later, when the sham-investigation and woefully corrupt judicial proceedings were completed and published (and Hempstead was assaulted by guards and transported over the border to a prison in Tennessee) Roland Clarke and his colleagues were found to have done “no wrongdoing.”
Clarke is currently going about his police-business in the streets of Miami Gardens while Hempstead sits in a cell in Tennessee, serving out his fabricated sentence of 165 years, writing constant witness statements, affidavits, letters and now books.   In this latest blog Harold challenges the Mayor of Miami Gardens to investigate just what kind of a policeman he has in Officer Clarke…..

"To: Oliver G. Gilbert III, Mayor,
18605 Northwest 27th Avenue,
Miami Gardens,
Florida 33056.
I authored a book named “Department of Corruption.  Darren Rainey.  The Untold Story.”  This book can be located at or
In my book I explain the following facts concerning Miami Gardens Police Officer Roland Clarke:
1) I personally knew him between 2010 and May 2014 when he was a security officer at Dade Correctional Institution. 
2) For a six-month period I witnessed Roland Clarke use a shower that reached temperatures in excess of 160 degrees as a torturing device to punish mentally-disabled inmates.  Darren Rainey was the fifth mentally-disabled inmate that Roland Clarke placed in the hot water shower.  
3) I witnessed the June 23rd, 2012, murder of Darren Rainey.
4) During the years that I knew Roland Clarke, I also witnessed him physically abuse inmates, poison their food with foreign substances such as medicines, laxatives, urine and feces;  and lie to his supervisors concerning his misconduct and the misconduct of other staff who worked with him.
In my book I also provide substantial facts showing that Roland Clarke murdered Darren Rainey.
Finally my book explains that covert recordings were obtained of Roland Clarke in 2013 and 2014 admitting to using the hot water shower as a torturing-device to punish mentally-disabled inmates and to murdering Darren Rainey.
The citizens of Miami Gardens have a right to expect that the law-enforcement officers, who are payed tax-payer’s money to protect them, not be murders with a history of violating the civil rights of people under his authority.
Polygraph test and voice-stress test are admissible in administrative proceedings.
As mayor of Miami Gardens you have the authority to direct that officer Roland Clarke receive a polygraph test or voice-stress test about murdering Darren Rainey, his history of using a shower that reached temperatures in excess of 160 degrees to punish mentally-disabled inmates, and his history of violating the civil-rights of individuals.  Will you please direct that officer Roland Clarke receive a polygraph test or voice-stress test about these matters?
Thank you for your time and please feel free to contact me if I can be of any assistance.
Harold Hempstead (Signature)  2/9/19
Harold Hempstead, # 577366,
Northeast Correctional Complex,
P.O. Box 5000,
Mountain City,
Tennessee 37683-5000"
Roland Clarke leading Darren Rainey to his death.
Darren Rainey

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