Friday, 27 November 2015

The Secret Life of Arabia

Let’s look at some facts:   Saudi Arabia is an Islamic State.  Religion is compulsory, on pain of death.  ‘Religious Police’ enforce Sharia law.   Those accused of crimes have no recourse to due process of law.  The accused have no right to a lawyer or any other rights and are frequently whipped or beheaded (by sword or guillotine) without being charged at all.  Without due process of law, it can never be established whether the accused were guilty or innocent, therefore any trial in Saudi is improper and irrelevant to the cause of justice.  Although Saudi is alleging that many of the fifty or so  people scheduled for  mass-beheading are ‘terrorists’, this term is used very loosely.  Without a proper trial, it cannot even be established whether the accused are, in reality, guilty of committing an offense.  Saudi Arabia makes it very easy for Islamist terror-groups to raise funds within their country.   Saudi Arabia is currently bombing the Yemmen, using British war-planes.  The Saudi ‘royalty’ have for a long time been very good friends with the British ‘royalty’  who always invite them to Buck House for a slap-up feed whenever they are in town.  David Camoron and his reactionary tory monster raving loonies are very keen to pursue and cultivate the ‘special relationship’ with Saudi, as the Saudis are keen to spend millions of pounds on British weaponry with which to oppress their own people.  In a particularly sordid secret deal, the British ‘authorities’recently voted a Saudi onto the UN Human Rights panel – surely one of the most cynical acts of betrayal in modern history.   So, if you agree with David Camoron, and think that our country should be close friends with those Arabs who behead teenage poets in the street and nail their lifeless cadavers to crosses, just keep on voting for the Conservative Party of Britain.  And as the blades fall on the necks of trembling, innocent young people and the blood splashes into the dust, take comfort in the fact that it’s all done with the approval of David Camoron, Elizabeth Windsor, the British Ministry of  Defence and large swathes of the ‘establishment’. 
Let us remember also that much of European culture is based on Arabic learning.  Mathematics, Astronomy, Music, Philosophy…  Our numerals come from Arabia, as do many of our words, such as ‘good’ and ‘man’.  I want to make it clear that I am not against Arabia, just the Saudi regime and its tragic bloodlust.

Conservative Class-War offensive against the poor:  a cynical and anti-Democratic drive to DIS-enfranchise the least powerful members of society:  I bet they got the idea off the Yanks, who are, in States like Alabama, systematically disenfranchising the blacks.

Philip Davies: Enemy of the People:
Look at the Tories laughing…

Penzance woman initiates petition against 
electrical-pulse fishing - please sign:

And finally, let's take a look at the 'land of the free and home of the brave', yup, I'm talking about Amerikay:

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