Friday, 6 November 2015

Call This Democracy?

“Do you really call this democracy” shouted the man, as three large thugs assaulted him and man-handled him out of the ‘public-meeting’ of Penzance Town Council.  His crime?  He exercised his free speech – he dared to ask a question. 
There is no place for these hired thugs in our democracy, there is no need for them.  However, as long as the ‘democracy’ is in the hands of a few ‘authorities’,  and until there is large-scale participation by the public, then these outrages can be expected to continue.  
In the tales collected by the Cornish collector and scribe William Bottrell, there are many fascinating insights into life in medieval Cornwall, when the Mayor of Penzance presided over criminal ‘trials’ and had the power to summarily hang people in the streets.  Some say that change is slow to come to the Shyre; perhaps this is why the current Mare of Penzance, David Nebesnuick, thinks it’s fine to hire a goon squad to stomp any opposition to his agenda.  Could this possibly be in any way connected to the revolting plan to sell-out the running of Penzance’s mid-summer ‘Golowan Festival’ to a private capitalist business entity?  This is the front-line of right-wing policy interfacing with the people.  Most of us do not want privatization, as we understand the principles and advantages of public ownership and control of public assets.  Mr Nebesnuick only feels it necessary to hide behind a goon-army of mercenary hired-thugs because he is a reactionary puppet of  International Capitalism, and as we all know, the First Law of Capitalism states quite clearly that MIGHT  IS  RIGHT. 
Despite a petition with 493 signatures calling for the Mare of Penzance to gallop away, he is digging in his hooves and refusing to budge.
If you watch the video of the incident, the sad thing that you notice is the acquiescent and passive complacency of the public.  Nobody stands up to remonstrate with the bullies.  No-one objects, they don’t even seem to be looking.   Oh well, like the old saying says, ‘a nation of sheep  begets a government of wolves’…  time to grow a pair, perhaps?
MEANWHILE BACK IN ‘BURYAN….. we’ve got an ‘MP’ who goes around insulting the ill – this time he’s blaming people with diabetes, apparently he thinks it’s their own fault…  see link below…   Not only that, but whilst he fattens his jowls on 74,000 of our pounds per annum, he’s not prepared to answer his constituent’s letters.  So keep sending him those letters folks, an MP should be a man of letters.  Promote literacy in St.Buryan.
UP AT TRURO we find the Great Anarchist, Mr John Pollard, who whilst refusing to affirm the legality of his actions in the Treloyan fiasco (case), simultaneously holds the title of Portfolio Holder For Reputation And Performance (sick).
So you see, even down here in West Cornwall we have our fair share of VIP’s.  This month The Limpet has brought you just three of our local celebrities, just three of the reasons why my heart swells with pride when I think of our Great Democracy down here in the Shyre of West Cornwall.  Right on, my birds!

David Nebesnuick, Mayor of Penzance:


Derek Thomas, MP for West Cornwall: (Even 'The Cornishman' newspaper calls him "astonishingly ignorant"!)

John Pollard, Boss of Cornwall Council:

Botterrell’s Tales: West Cornwall in Days of Yore:


Gwerinieth Kernewek Drehevel.....

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