Monday, 1 June 2015

Which Principles Derek?

Being eaten alive by dogs is not cruel claims Derek Thomas, Tory MP for St.Ives, who also says that hunting foxes is a matter of principle.  Metheven yw ha glawak hethyw…  Sawya ‘n lowarn yn Kernow lemmyn …  The Limpet continues the dialogue with a new letter to our local representative, 'Democratic  Derek' Thomas – this month we are mostly be getting into ethics…. 

Take a Stand for Wildlife - Protect the Fox by Signing Petition:

Ask your MP to take the side of wildlife

Other Issues:

Don't Let Them Drown

Tamir Rice – Murdered by Police – Now Morgue demands 18,000 dollars for return of body

Human Rights Petition

Article on our Human Rights

Fund an ad for Human Rights 


Stop the Royal Cornwall Hospital Sell-Off

Solidarity with the National Gallery Strike

The People’s Assembly

Tax Dodging Act

Peace for Korea

Protect FREE SPEECH in India, World’s largest Democracy

Kick out the Big Poluters

Allow Discussion of Medical Marijuana for Military Veterans with PTSD

Stop a Mega Development near the Grand Canyon

Moses, Pardoned from Death-Row, vows to become Human Rights Activist

Sometimes you win....

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