Thursday, 2 April 2009


What thing is harder than the rock ?
What softer is than water cleere ?
Yet wyll the same, with often droppe,
The hard rock perce as doth a spere.
Even so, nothing so hard to attayne,
But may be hadde, with labour and payne."

This poem was found carved into an oak panel in the crumbling ruins of Pengersick Castle, one of the most haunted sites in Britain, and the setting for an amazing tale of wizardry to be found among 'Botterel's Tales'.

The Parish of Breage had always been called 'Pembro', but then in the 5th Century, St.Breaca provided a peel of bells for the church, on condition that they named the place after her - women!

The Irish King Geronicus, who was raised by St.Breaca as a son, was converted to Christianity and became St.Germoe, giving his name to the Church, Parish and village. Thus do the echoes of the Holy Celts reverberate through the labyrinth of Time, chiming like the Bells of Breage.

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Mr Janner asked us to give his alternative scheme a bit of publicity, which we are very happy to do as it seems very traditional, well-considered and unobtrusive. He also hinted that the more people started using the Cornish Language, the more pleased he would be! So Janner, what's your message for everyone out there in the SHIRE...?

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