Saturday, 17 January 2009


"On a huge hill
Cragged, and Steep, Truth Stands, and he that will
Reach her, about must, and about must go"

from Satire III; John Donne, 1573 - 1631


In a transparent attempt to further inflame the atmosphere of material desperation, 'The Cornishman' gets you all hyped-up and ready to sign up to anything that smells vaguely of cash, whilst trying to gloss over the real situation. No Seals on the cover this week, folks...

In the VOSPERS building, Coinage Hall Street (where money was once minted), the Route Partnership will be selling their wares. Keeping to the following non-confusing schedule:
Jan.2009 RP AGENDA
Monday 19th 9 - 5 Architecture
Tuesday 20th 10 - 7.30 Environment
Wednesday 21st 8 - 4 Environment
Thursday 22nd 10 - 7.30 Architecture
Friday 23rd 9 - 5 Whatever

Your own agenda of what you wish to say to them, and leave in writing is of course, up to you! It is likely that Environmental issues will be avioded except on the two days in mid-week, ending early on Wednesday... How convenient... Remember, this is not a referendum and you get NO VOTE. The Route Partners are free to ignore your comments, though it is still good to express them; but, as MP Andrew George said, this Consultation has
What you CAN do is object to the Planning Dept. of PDC when the Application is submitted - they are legally obliged to take notice of public opinion at this stage in the game.
We also have a PETITION addressed to the Secretary of State for The Environment, Hilary Benn MP at:

We will hear differing viewpoints expressed over the next few days, as there are many ways of seeing.
Between the Vospers Building and the Barbican, is a little patch of neglected land, a little car park, some wasteland. Lining the edge of the waste land are some massive slabs of Cornish Granite. Too big to haul away, these liths have dreamed there since a past that passed so long ago. Long have they lain there recalling the days of old. All the Times and Dreams of the Old Ones they have endured. Once they resounded with voices uplifted in grateful praise, to the Protector of fishers. Once they were illumined with the flickering light of candles and Faith. Words of Truth and Sanctity rebounded from their granite faces. For these are the bones of St.Anthony's Chapel, a beacon of celtic light to guide the village through the dark ages.

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