Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Diamond Dog Derek Thomas MP 1984

Derek Thomas, the famous scientist and  MP for St.Ives, Cornwall, was deeply involved in planning the ‘Snooper’s Charter’ which allows the various arms of the government, such as police, Fire Brigade, GCHQ, and various shadowy espionage/’security’ type departments to access your private communications such as emails, texts, phone calls, etc. etc.   (Tragically, both the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn and the Scottish National Party under Nicola Sturgeon totally failed to oppose the Snooper's Charter - why??)  Cornish MP Derek Thomas, the ‘Creationist-Christian’ man of ‘god’  also wants to abolish the Human Rights Act.  His score on the Parliamentary Public Whip website for contributions to Human Rights is, oddly enough, zero (0).  When I met him I found him pleasant company and I very much enjoyed interviewing him for youtube back in the summer.  However, politicians are masters of the arts of charming and beguiling the public, whilst quietly stabbing them in the back.  I feel strongly that politicians should be judged on their political conduct, rather than their personal charm and affability. 
I’ve been waiting virtually six months for Derek’s promised reply from the government about why Britain – under Thatcher – never properly ratified the United Nations Convention Against Torture.  He did recently claim to be doing ‘research’ into this question – but, perhaps cynically, I doubt that he has spent a great deal of the last six months studying this prescient point of international human rights legislation, let’s face it, the rights of other humans are obviously of little value to Derek Thomas and his reactionary party of callous greed and human misery.  Hey ho.

David Bowie – Diamond Dogs

Derek Thomas MP for West Cornwall, plots the ‘Snooper’s Charter’ with his ‘colleagues’.  This is the most invasive and draconian piece of legislation of its kind to ever be imposed on a democratic nation.  Something to mention to your mates down the pub…

Behind the ‘nice-guy’ image, meet the real Derek Thomas MP, for, by their deeds shall ye know them:

What a total reactionary Derek truly is….. just  check him out:

Here’s where Derek and I had a friendly chat on film:

Meanwhile in the U.S.A…..
Boy (7, Black) allegedly drops litter.  Neighbour (white adult) chokes boy.  Mother calls police (Texas).  Police talks to Mum and neighbour.  Police ignores assault on black child and assaults mother, threatens child with stun-gun, arrests mother and two teenage daughters without charge.  Fort Worth police have already killed four people with stun-guns since 2004 (see Resist Cardiac Arrest).  The ‘officer’ in question never even recorded the original complaint about the assault of a child.    And people wonder why they get called racist motherfucking pigs…..   Justice demands the white neighbour and the white cop both be put on trial for the felony assault of a child and her innocent mother and sisters.  

RESIST CARDIAC ARREST- my campaign against taser-torture and fatalities:

Petition to Save Burton Hospital’s Accident and Emergency Department – the British Conservative Party’s plan to close it will lead to unnecessary death and suffering - this is what's meant by the term 'class-war'...

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