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We kill guys here and get away with it so you better ask around

A lot of British people like to holiday in Florida, it’s famous for its hot sun, but look out, it can make your skin peel if you over-do it.  That’s how hot it is in Florida.  I’m a Brit myself and I know that when tourists go off to Florida, to America - as the USA likes to call itself - they imagine a peaceful holiday - I think it’s taken for granted that USA is a civilized country, a land where guests are treated with courtesy, the sick are given adequate medical treatment, a land where justice prevails, no matter what your social class, sex or ethnic origin.  It’s even in the Pledge of Allegiance that Amerikan school-kids chant every day… …”and Justice for All…”  they say.  But something rotten, foul, dark and evil festers in the State of Florida.
“Just throw it in the trash.”  These were the chilling words of the guard when Mark Joiner asked him where to put the stuff he’d just cleaned up.  The scene is Dade Correctional Institution and the aftermath of a particularly horrific event, even by Amerikan jail standards.  
Please follow the links for the full story of Darren Rainey, Randall Jordan-Aparo, Harold Hempstead, and Rollin Austin and don’t forget to sign the petition to have the whistle-blower who originally raised this story, moved to safer custody.  

Darren Rainey / Dade Correctional Institution Psychiatric Ward/ DCI Warden Jerry Cummings / Florida’s ‘Transitional Care Unit’ and the shower

Harold Hempstead  (268866) - Whistle-blower in danger  -  Please sign petition for his transfer to safety:  
Harold Hempstead (268866) was sentenced to 165 years in prison for burglary when he was 23 years old  

Harold Hempstead 

Info on whistle-blower Harold Hempstead, the man who first broke the story to the press.  Please check it out:

Josh Allen amongst others given shower-treatment, afraid to shower for months afterwards

Randall Jordan-Aparo gassed to death in metal cell, Franklin Correctional Institution,  by State of Florida/Rollin Austin and agents:
DOC suing State of Florida over abuse at Franklin.
Contact Franklin Correctional Institute:

“We kill guys here and get away with it, so you better ask around.”
Meet’ Mr Suttle’, Rollin Austin:
Gary Lloyd - repeatedly gassed and beaten by guards

90% increase in use of force incidents in Florida prison system.

Contact the State of Florida:

Contact the Attorney General of Florida: 
(Public Face of Florida Justice System)

To:  Pam Bondi, Attorney General, Florida.  5th April 2016
Dear Pam Bondi,
As a British Citizen I am writing to express my horror and outrage at the sinister death of Mr Darren Rainey, whilst in the custody of the State of Florida.  I feel that crimes of this enormity are a cause of concern not just to the American people, but to Humanity. 
The sheer barbarity of the killing of Mr Rainey (like that of Mr Jordan-Aparo) has far-reaching repercussions.  Not only does it call into question the fundamental nature of a justice system in which such atrocities occur, but it is also highly counterproductive to United States foreign policy, as it seriously undermines America’s attempt to portray itself as a promoter of civilized values in the world.  In this way, the endemic culture of barbarism that is accepted by some as normal in Florida’s prisons is not only causing untold misery and injustice to the prisoners and their families, but is doing a great disservice to the United States and its image in the world-community.
Furthermore, when we consider Mr Rainey’s race and religion, his torture and murder are particularly offensive to large sections of the American population and the world-religious community, namely the black population and Islam.  Considering Miami’s history of race-riots and the western world’s current battle against Islamic terrorism, one can scarcely imagine the damage done to race-relations in Florida and international relations in general by incidents of this nature.
The world is looking at Florida, looking for Justice.
With best wishes,
Yours sincerely,
Jeremy Schanche

Enc.:  Copy of letter to Mr David Prodger, British Consul General.


To:  Florida Tourist Industry  5th April
Re:  Florida’s Image in the World
Dear Tourism Industry Workers,
I am sending you a copy of a letter to the British Consul General in Miami, regarding the image of Florida and how it is being damaged by the torture and murders of prisoners by guards in Florida jails.  The letter explains how this barbarism has a negative affect on tourist revenue by repelling potential visitors who only wish to take holidays in civilized countries.  My wish is that you would share this information with your colleagues and open up debate on this subject, as the light of public scrutiny is highly conducive to justice.
With thanks and best wishes,
Jeremy Schanche

Enc.:  Copy of letter to Mr David Prodger, British Consul General.
Reply from 'Visit Florida':

Contact Corizon:
Corizon staff are not known to have carried out atrocities, merely acquiesced to them, for fear of financial loss to themselves.   You can contact them at the above link.
Finally, if you have thoroughly checked out all the information above then please remember the words of an old convict, in fact a ‘death-row’ inmate whom I admire very much, Fyodor Dostoyevsky:  “You can judge a society by how well it treats its prisoners.”
Other News:
BLACK LIVES MATTER - Like the Black Panther Party of the 1960’s, the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement is a response to the ongoing murder of black Americans by their police.  The latest manifestation of this movement is the Congressional Caucus on Black Women and Girls.  
This is dedicated to the memory of Sandra Bland:

Demand Georgia Cancel Execution:

Demand Egyptian Government Co-Operate With Investigation Into Torture And Murder Of Giulio Regeni:

Fight For 15:  
S T R I K E April 14th:

Justice for Brit in Iranian jail:

Save The Florida Panthers:

Protect Florida’s Manitees:

Stop the Seal Hunt:

Norway: Stop Hunting Whales for Fur-farm use:

Tell China to Stop the Seal-Trade:

Britain: Stop the Fox-Cub Hunt:

Protect Hares, Ban Snares:

Petition against Tory Class-War Offensive on young people:

Don't cut housing benefit in the UK for 18-21 year olds!

Oppose Conservative Party Asset-Stripping:  
Selling England By The Pound:

Defend Animal Rights:  Stop the Repeal of Animal Welfare Codes:

British Airways: Replace Athena’s Wheel-Chair that you broke:

Cornish News:
Correspondence between me and my ‘MP’ - (except that an MP who will not answer letters is not fulfilling their function and is therefore not really and MP):
March 16th  2016 Email from Derek Thomas MP, To: Jeremy Schanche, Editor, The Limpet:
Dear Sir
You are an intelligent and thoughtful man.
I hope you are aware that Cornwall Council already has the powers to deal with poor quality rental properties and receives considerable money from the Government to deal with this problem. There is no reason to create legislation when the powers already exist.
The most useful thing you could do is to let tenants know through your publication how to contact the Council's housing team.
Kind regards
Email to Derek Thomas MP for West Cornwall,  16th March, from Jeremy Schanche:
Dear Derek, thank you for your kind words.  Of course, traditionally Socialist parties throughout the World are on the side of tenants and conservative, reactionary, or right-wing parties exist to further the interests of the property owning class.  
Perhaps you could take this opportunity to clear up a public mystery - are you are landlord yourself?  There is certain confusion amongst the electorate about this question - a clear answer would be most informative to the public.    
Surely the whole raison d'etre of the Tory Party is to create unnecessary legislation to re-form our nation in a materialist, competitive and  hierarchical mold.  
On the contrary, I believe the best social use of my publication is to expose the lies, hypocrisy, selfishness and evil that lie at the heart of conservatism - the political expression of the irresponsible rich, the unaccountably  powerful and those afraid of equality and progress.
Incidentally, your betrayal of the disabled is profoundly shameful and will bring a tide of misery to countless suffering people.  Christianity?
How could you?
Best wishes, Jeremy Schanche
Derek Thomas has voted for substantial cuts in Attendance Allowance - the money given to disabled people to help them survive.  In essence, this will make it extrem...

Preview by Yahoo

So, shortly after I sent Derek a copy of my “LET THEM SUFFER” poster, Ian Duncan Smith remembered to resign and I sent Derek a link to my in-depth piece of journalism on the inner life of IDS:
and after Derek had previously refused an interview, I received the following:
To: Jeremy Schanche, 22.3.2016
Dear Jeremy
I have some time over Easter if you want to undertake your interview.
11am on Thursday 31st is an option in Penzance.
Is this any good?
Kind regards
Derek Thomas
Member of Parliament for St Ives
To Derek Thomas ‘MP’:
Dear Derek,
Thank you for your recent message requesting an interview with The Limpet.  This came as a surprise, as you previously stated clearly that you did NOT wish to do this. (In contradiction of your initial agreement!)  I feel that, in terms of unfinished business, the most useful thing you could do would be to respond to my fox-hunting letter of last June, and my enquiries from last autumn about the legal basis for waging war.
If normal relations could be established between electorate and representatives, there would be a much stronger basis on which to conduct a meaningful interview, as this would at least indicate that Democracy is thriving.  
Sadly I'm rather busy at the moment and will not be free on the 31st.  If you could give me a little more notice it would be very helpful.
Best wishes and Viva la Revolution!
Jeremy Schanche
23.3.2016 Message from Derek Thomas MP:
Thanks Jeremy
My email was following up your most recent emails.
I have surgeries every week and I can assure you that the two issues you refer to have not been raised other than by two people.
I gauge the priorities people have through conversation with them not the subjects that dominate social media sites.
So I am very happy to do an interview but this needs to cover a broad range of issues. Please.
Kind regards
Derek Thomas
Member of Parliament for St Ives
23.3.2016 To Derek:
Dear Derek,
As I understand it, the duty of an MP is to reply in writing to letters from constituents.
The number of other constituents who (you claim) raise the same issue does not overrule the fundamental obligation to reply in writing to constituent's letters.  If you imply that only two other people in the constituency are concerned with the war, or the fox issue, then that would indicate your lack of understanding of the feelings of the populace.  It may well be that since your right-wing leanings are well-known and are reflected in your voting record, many people would see no value in trying to discuss serious issues with you.
As for social media, unlike yourself, I have no interest in it and am not on facebook, etc.. as I find many people use it as a passive substitute for activism.
I find my conscience to be the best guide for choosing which issues to focus on.
Good wishes,
23.3.2016 From Derek Thomas MP:
Thank you Jeremy
I agree and I think I have responded to letters from constituents although I am aware some were lost or overlooked in the early days. Replying to a letter from a constituent is different to contributing to a publication/blog etc which I believe is the purpose of an interview with you.
My point about the issues raised by constituents is about identifying their priorities. I can assure you that the people that come to my surgeries are certainly not 'right-wing' and are not coming to see me because life is altogether good.
I'm willing to meet with you to take part in a far-reaching interview. If this is what you want than good. Let's get it in the diary.

Derek Thomas
Member of Parliament for St Ives
To Derek Thomas 23.3.2016:
Dear Derek - do you not recall a long series of letters from me, asking you to reply to my original letters?
Overlooking or losing letters from the public is disgraceful, 'early days' or not.  
Anyone who votes tory is "right-wing" by definition.  Conservatism is an authoritative 'philosophy' of social division and exploitation espoused by the OWNING-class, obviously.  To further their interests, these people bought the Press and thus control the mental climate of the masses.
You say these constituents come to you because "life is not altogether good" - perhaps this is due to artificial-austerity programmes, attacks on the vulnerable, the young, the students, the doctors, the disabled and the poor, in short, to the cynical class-war your party wages against it's perceived 'enemy', the proletariat and the financially powerless.
As I said, before commencing an interview, I would like answers to my letters please.   Here's a link to the hunting letter:
Being eaten alive by dogs is not cruel claims Derek Thomas, Tory MP for St.Ives, who also says that hunting foxes is a matter of principle.  Metheven yw ha glawak h...

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easily overlooked - in spite of the posters all over the streets and the internet...
and you'll find my war-enquiry in your email inbox if you search for my name.  
I too desire a far-reaching and deep dialogue - that's why I wrote to my MP in the first place!
Best wishes,  Jeremy Schanche, The Man Who Democracy Overlooked.
1st April 20116:  From Derek Thomas MP
To Jeremy Schanche:
Dear Jeremy,
Thank you for contacting me about changes to the support given to vulnerable people.
This issue has dominated the media since the budget announcement, although I expect that you are more bemused than interested in the 'fall-out' between senior Conservative figures. You quite rightly expect MPs to get on with the job and make things better for our, and future, generations.
In 2010 the UK had one of the greatest debt problems of the developed world. Contributing to this was a welfare bill that was unsustainable and, in part, counterproductive.
The Prime Minister has said, and I quote, 'If you are genuinely sick, and vulnerable, and you need help - you will get that help. The safety net will always, always be there for you - in fact we have made it stronger. The system we inherited was fiendishly complicated for a lot of people to access and a significant part of the welfare bill went to those who actually could be working with the right support. We said: let's make it simpler, let's get proper objective assessments of whether people can work and above all let us direct resources at those who really need it.'
Like other backbench MPs, I am committed to this, and the wrestling (often behind closed doors) that's gone on since May (and continues) is about how the Government can achieve this. It is right to reduce the Nation's debt - public services will not be funded adequately until we do. It is right that the people who need our help and support get it and it is important that no one is left behind - this is a mark of a caring and civilised society.
However, it is a complex and difficult balance to strike. This debate will run and run, mistakes will be made (and must be corrected quickly). I want to be part of a society that genuinely cares for everybody and I believe it is possible to keep control over our finances. I have appreciated the time that you and many other people have taken to raise concerns and experiences. I do not underestimate the enormity of the task but I can assure you that I am absolutely committed to finding the best ways to support people who need our help and I make every effort to be available to understand the issues that they face.
As I am sure you will be aware, since I received your email, the new Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Rt Hon Stephen Crabb MP, has confirmed that the proposed changes to the Personal Independent Payment have been shelved and I welcome this news.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me.
Yours sincerely,
Member of Parliament for St Ives
House of Commons   London
  SW1A 0AA
Telephone: 020 7219 4435
1st April 2016  From:  Jeremy Schanche
To:  Derek Thomas MP:
Dear Derek,
Thank you for your reply, which I will print.  However, history has proven again and again that conservative politics are fundamentally and ideologically opposed to public medicine.  
The National Health Service is the living embodiment of Socialism and a major cornerstone of the post-war consensus. After years of armed struggle against a fascist enemy, the returning troops were extremely politically-aware and, as you know, 1945 saw a landslide victory for the left.  The social programmes of the late forties represented everything the British troops had fought for - in short, a decent society.
A few platitudes from the well-fed mouth of David Camoron the multi-millionaire Etonian plutocrat are hardly going to convince the public that the British conservative party have just done an about-turn and have suddenly developed feelings of compassion for humanity! You yourself voted to attack the disabled by slashing their money - that's a disgusting thing to do and no amount of bureaucratic hogwash will cover that fact.
Your party is at war with the disabled, young, ill, under-privileged, the disenfranchised, those seeking justice, the under-educated and most of all, the poor - it always has been, for that is it's raisin d'etre, in fact, you only corresponded with me at all because you wanted to counter my 'DEREK ATTACKS THE DISABLED' campaign and try to salvage your battered public image.  Well, if you wanted a good public image, perhaps you should have joined a party that is on the side of the people rather than a right-wing gang of plutocratic reactionaries.
With all best wishes,

In memory of the thousands of terminal-cancer sufferers who have been selected as 'fit for work' by Ian Duncan Smith and died within a fortnight. Hail to the Regime.  Arbeit Mach Frei.
 Fyodor Dostoyevsky 

General Strike in the UK, 4th of July

Please Print, Cut and give out these flyers to publicize The Limpet, thanks!

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