Saturday, 16 May 2015


Don’t let the sinister tory party destroy our fundamental Rights and fob us off with ‘Human-Rights-Lite’.  Once lost, our basic rights would be extremely difficult to reinstate.  Take action now – sign the petitions and share them around.  Write to your MP and express your thoughts.  Print out this 'Defend Human Rights' poster and display it where it can be seen.  Show your solidarity for the Rights that underpin our very civilization!   If ever  a cause mattered this is it!

Amnesty International – Keep The Human Rights Act Petition:

Scrapping the Human Rights Act could bring return of ‘troubles’ to Ulster

Stand up for Justice for Kingsley Burrell, another black man dead after being ‘policed’

United Friends and Families Campaign – For the loved ones of police/custody-death victims

Don’t renege on Reynard

Beam us up, Scottie, we cannae take any more!


Code Pink:  Stop the Violence in Yemen

Defend Human Rights in Azerbaijan 

Update on ‘Justice for Kaleb’ Campaign

Save Mary Jane Veloso

Release the Panchen Lama, kidnapped by China at 6 years old

Human Rights Lawyer arrested by Chinese ‘authorities’
Camoron “will not be lecturing or hectoring the Chinese on Human Rights”, having “drawn a line under Tibet” – but YOU can still help these people struggle for their basic rights, the very rights that are under threat in Britain from the reactionary forces of conservatism.

Free Atena Farghadari, Iranian Artist Jailed for her Art

USA: Preserve the Endangered Species Act

Kansas: Give back Shona’s son!

Everybody's Got a Right To Live - 
Rev. F.D Kirkpatrick with James Collier & Pete Seeger

It's going to take more than just signing petitions, it's going to take a lot of citizen-activism...
Defend Human Rights - it's up to you.....

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