Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Oppose Police Brutality

Hi Babies!  This month The Limpet is raising awareness of Police-Brutality and encouraging you to stand up and challenge it. Please share the petitions and spread the word.  Spend a few minutes working for peace and justice.  
Nature, Democracy and Free Speech, brought to you by An Brennigenn (The Limpet), from a far-flung Cornish rock.


Save Irish Seals:

This Library is Your Library

Casualties in the Tory Class-War:  DEATH BY AUSTERITY

Hammond, Indiana Police and Jamal Jones

Tamir Rice – 12 year old killed by cop.          
Harold Hempstead/Darren Rainey – Florida Prison Killing.

John Paul Quintero, tasered and shot dead by Wichita Police.

Don’t Punish a Good Cop for Standing Up to Police Brutality.


The Human Cost of USUK Foreign Policy:

Whilst Prince Charles, Duke of Cornwall and David Camoron, Prime Minister of Britain rush to ingratiate themselves with the barbaric and totalitarian Saudi regime, terrified of losing Britain’s fat arms-deal with one of the World’s most brutal and unjust dictatorships, a citizen of Saudi Arabia is being repeatedly flogged in public – his crime? Daring to promote Free Speech and discussion in a closed society.  Please help him.

Get Up, Stand Up – Wailers, Live, 1973.

Get Up, Stand Up...                                                                            
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