Wednesday, 1 September 2010

The Janetta Stone

Celebrate two years of THE LIMPET by following the intrepid subterraneans Janner & Vulgata as they descend into Kernow's Cretan labyrinthos on their quest for the Roots of Culture.....

Key to finding ‘The Janetta Stone’ in The Limpet:

Lim.17 P.3: Introduction; Lim.17 P.4: Intro. (cont.), Janner’s Press Release; Lim.17 P.5, 6, 7: EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Janner;

Lim.26.P29: Part 1;

Lim.31.P4: Part 2; Lim.31.P28: Part 3;

Lim.33: P.4: Part 4;

Lim.42.P.2: Part 5;

W.Y.Evans-Wentz on Penzance, from the excellent website Internet Sacred Texts Archive :

Details of Mines in Wendron District, including names of shafts with principal and secondary produce.

Wheal Roots:

Cornish Dictionary Online:

For What's Happening in Cornwall & other nations:

The Friends of Penzance Harbour:

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