Thursday, 4 March 2010


STOP PRESS: I have just recieved confirmation from Mr Simon Reed, Mebyon Kernow Parliamentary Candidate for the St.Ives constituency, that he is in favour of upholding the United Nations Convention Against Torture if elected. This is extremely GOOD NEWS for the Cornish People! Only the Green Party & Mebyon Kernow have responded positively to this test of TRUE DEMOCRACY AND THE RULE OF INTERNATIONAL LAW. The other parties are talking to their lawyers, and have yet to agree to keep the law that our nation is sworn to uphold. As soon as I have the paper copy of the Mebyon Kernow Declaration, I will be honoured to publish it. Mr Reed also claims the noble distinction of being the first man this side of the Atlantic to have the clarity and courage to sign the petition against cattle-prods being used illegally on Human Beings! Now, what are the rest of you waiting for? Hope Lives, and with it, the promise of FREEDOM. Blessings to One & All!


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