Friday, 4 December 2009

MILES DAVIS talks some JIVE!!

ENGLISH HERITAGE have issued a strongly worded objection to Listed Building Planning Consent being granted to the Route Partnership's scheme to build over Sandy Cove, Battery Rocks and the adjacent sea-bed. They did not agree with the findings of the environmental studies commissioned by Cornwall Council, which had of course played down the genuine and grave threat of envronmental destruction that this scheme has always posed. Were it not for the gravity of that threat, The Save The Holy Headland Campaign would have no reason to exist. English Heritage have a powerful voice in government circles, so their dissaproval of this ridiculous fiasco of a scheme is likely to speed up the termination of this absurd and ruinous folly. Watch out for a full public enquiry. Let's shine a bright light on County Hall and see who runs for cover....
CORNWATCH - at the art of all things yokel -
How come 'The Cornishman' (Google: Northcliffe Suppress) which is not Cornish-owned, has not a single page of news in..... CORNISH??? And if they're so ultra-died-in-the-wool-Cornish, then why did they supress the story of a Cornish Tinner, using ancient Cornish Law to challenge a Planning Application to destroy a CORNISH BEACH??
'The Cornishman' is about as Cornish as a jellied-eel croissant!!
... Standin' on the corner, telling porgies in a Spanish Key, makin' me feel kinda Blue with his live evil, a communicator famous for blowin' his own horn, it's the Jive-Talkin' Miles Davis of Cornwall's Jive Council, following in the Graham Hicks school of Turretts-diplomacy... According to a PRESS RELEASE from this jive-talkin turkey :
"Cornwall Council is warning, however, that the actions of the campaign group, Friends of Penzance Harbour, pose a threat to any development in Penzance."
And this from a man who is worried about the effects on the Cornish concrete industry of NOT dumping 100,000 tons of the stuff into the sea! No wonder English Heritage dissaprove so strongly of this scheme. Mr Davis' publicly funded slander of FoPZhs is yet another abuse of Democracy and fair play, from a Council that has yet to mature into an entity worthy of its public.


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