Monday, 11 May 2009


LIMPETS RELEASE EGGS & SPERM INTO THE OCEAN. In the wintertime the planktonic Limpets emerge. By the month of May, they are 5 millimetres wide and are little adults, frequently inhabiting seaweed, of the oarweed type. After summer reproduction the weed starts to rot back and the limpets move down the stem in search of 'greener pastures'.
Next year, most of the few survivors climb back up the stem to repeat the process, but the fortunate ones make their home inside the holdfast, or 'root' of the oarweed, and start to grow the thick shells necessary for oceanic survival. These few gradually accumulate the elements by which they can ultimately contribute to ongoing evolution by expressing their genetic message.

If you want to help Limpets reproduce you can print out the flyers above, cut them up & spread them around.

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