Tuesday, 23 September 2008


was formed on 6th September 2008 as an immediate response to the gravely disturbing news that the beach at Battery Rocks, Penzance, is threatened with imminent and total destruction in the name of sustainable development.

We are devoted to peaceful campaigning to protect Nature from destruction at the hands of those who care not for beaches, seals & other Wild things. We aim to show that there is absolutely no possible justification for destroying this irreplaceable piece of Nature.

We are a totally non-profiting group of Volunteers following our conscientious imperative to thwart the rapacious incursion of so-called sustainable development.

Our aim is not only to prevent this Crime against Nature, but to ensure that the entire Holy Headland area is kept in its state of pristine beauty, in perpetuity; as the Natural Birthright of those who are to come after us.

Although our concern is primarily for Nature, we are acutely aware of the profound Historical, Spiritual & Cultural value of Pen Sans & we wish to focus attention on its diverse & priceless attributes. To this end we are initiating a dialogue with all involved parties, in particular the general public. We wish to explore & discuss the Democratic and legal procedures by which events such as these are set in motion.

We are issuing a free broadsheet, 'The Limpet', available on-line and on paper, to give the public in-depth & unbiased information on all matters relating to the Holy Headland beach. If our organisation borrows and plays with words & images, it is solely motivated by the desperate need to prevent a tragic atrocity - after all, there is no copyright to protect this Original Habitat and the Wildlife therein.

This ancient playground of Dolphins & Seals must never become just another soulless and desolate corner of man's blind empire of greed. We trust that a saner generation to come will understand our actions and say with one voice that we trod the right path.

May All Beings be Blessed with Deep Insight into Nature

May They Know Natural Happiness

& May all suffering be Washed Away!

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Tony said...

maybe it would be worthwhile to link up in some way with the Save Penwith Moors group .
Many similar elements: Poor public consultation/information
Underlying motives greed based.
Destruction of irreplaceable environment.
Continued eroding of all that makes Cornwall magical and unique.